A film-distributing company established by MEGOGO

23 March 2016

VOD service MEGOGO has announced launch of its own film-distributing branch - MEGOGO Distribution to expand business among independent film distributors. New business line is headed by Katerina Morozova, a Director General of MEGOGO Distribution as well. Formerly, Katerina dealt with film distribution at “Volga” and “A Company”. New company belongs to current shareholders of MEGOGO. Vladimir Artemenko, the owner of “TopFilm Distribution, also became a co-owner of a newly established business.

“Film-distributing business is a fairly expected move for us, the largest online-cinema, as we’ve been in this market segment up to the hub and MEGOGO is a powerful brand with great financial figures in cinema business and this would be amiss not to extend the sphere of influence onto the traditional cinema business, – says Vladimir Borovik, CEO at MEGOGO.

According to Mr Borovik, within strategic partnership framework this new company is going to distribute some films earlier announced in the TopFilm package and to complete its package with new releases: “As we go forward, maybe MEGOGO Distribution will acquire all types of rights. In case of sublicensing VOD rights MEGOGO Distribution is to be governed only by financial feasibility. MEGOGO Distribution is a film-distributing company, thus, various types of rights are to be defined strictly according to the contracts with rights holders, and, in the first instance, without loss to film distribution. Moreover, huge experience of MEGOGO in online-marketing is to contribute to cinema release promotion, – says Vladimir Borovik.

Shareholders put high hopes on Katerina Morozova and are confident that owing to her efforts, good film packages and perfect image of MEGOGO, MEGOGO Distribution will hold a leading position amidst independent distributors this year so far.

TopFilm company still remains on the market and is going to continue its operation, focusing on other rights realization.