MEGOGO announces the launch of a virtual reality application

18 December 2015

MEGOGO has released its own VR application named «MEGOGO» VR which is available in all major areas of presence at CIS region and Baltic countries. Now 3D movies with Virtual Reality Mode and 2D movies with Cinema Effect are available to owners of mobile devices on Android platform. In the nearest future, the release of an application for iOS is expected as well.

The most distinctive feature of the new product is the possibility of total immersion into the atmosphere of a movie as if the viewer was directly in front of a huge 3D cinema screen.

The basic requirement for the use of the VR application is an Android-based smartphone and one of many cardboard holder masks, available on the market for $10 per unit. A smartphone is fixed on the mask, worn by a movie viewer. The price of a mask depends on its comfort of use, quality of materials and lenses.

Vladimir Borovik, CEO at MEGOGO, feels optimistic: “I have no doubts that VR technology will become popular very soon. It puts a viewer straight into the center of a depicted event – next to a rock star on a stage, into a car during a chase, or into the midst of an armed conflict or to an atmosphere of a prehistoric city. It’s exciting. VR will make you part of those events”, – Borovik said.

Video in VR_2

Today, MEGOGO VR player app can be downloaded for free on Google Play. After installing it, a new “Virtual Reality” button will appear in the main MEGOGO application. After you tap it, your smartphone will switch to 360 video display mode. Also, 3D Video section has been added to the main MEGOGO application. Previously, it has been available only on a few models, with the function of Smart TV.

The idea of using virtual reality technology by MEGOGO video streaming service was born over a year ago. Since MEGOGO has its own resources to research and develop such solutions, the market is deeply studied, and the company is creating new high-tech products that meet all the rapidly changing needs of the VOD-environment. It is an important milestone for MEGOGO because its team members are pioneers and product creators in the field without any technological standards.

VR images in mask

New MEGOGO VR product is available for Sony Z5 Premium, Samsung Galaxy S6+, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +, Samsung Note 4, Samsung Note 5. The list of devices is updated with the process of testing and adaptation of the technology.